Not All Computer Equipment and Network Specialists Are Born Equal!

There is a great distinction to be made between an equipment supplier, a reseller and TI Technologies.

Do you wish to buy your equipment from us? Excellent! We offer equipment from well-known brands at very competitive rates. 

You already have your equipment or you want to buy from another supplier? Our goal stays the same: allowing to get the most out of our services. 

TI Technologies is a partner of leading expertise above all and not just a computer equipment supplier. 

Our expertise extends itself from the installation of a single workstation to the design of custom computers according to technical criteria defined for a specialized use up to the design of complex, integrated and secure IT architectures.

TI Technologies is also your key partner if you use a CTRL management solution because our specialists are in daily contact with the CTRL developers.

TI Technologies is a team of experts who wish to become your privileged IT partner.

At TI Technologies, we know that technology is a means and not an end!

We are people of results. Challenge us to satisfy you!

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